Music Makes Happiness

Anyone can google how music affects you and you get a bunch of things like, “it boosts your creativity, it makes your memories better, etc”, but I believe the best quality of music is that it can get you through any situation if you have the right mindset. People think that sad songs should make you sad, angry songs should make you angry, etc. But I’ve always believed that if you find a song that relates to you then it should make you happy because you know someone out there is experiencing the same feelings you are. And what better feeling is there than knowing you arent alone? All kinds of music is so readily available nowadays that you can find any song about anything. You obviously won’t feel 100% relief just by listening to one song, but if you can find a set of songs that relate to how you feel and just listen to them over and over, it will put you at ease after awhile. For instance, when I was a young teenager, my mother walked out on me. I really had no one who could make me feel better so I turned to music. The song The Day I Left The Womb is about how the singers mom left him and his family. His dad worked too much to help support the family, his brother became addicted to heroin, and he’s letting her know that “the boys that she left are men she didn’t raise” and to “not worry because he’s doing fine, shes much to busy to even find the time”. That’s a pretty dark song for someone who didn’t understand his pain, but for me, hearing that changed my life. The songs you find don’t even have to be written for your exact situation, but you can interpret them to mean something to you. The song Badly Broken has a line that says “you’ve lost your chance, and you will never get to love me again, the sky has opened up and i can finally see the sun”. That song was written about an ex girlfriend, but that line make me think of my mother. Just makes me remember that I’ve moved on and she doesn’t deserve me. Her actions impacted my life more than she can even fathom and those feelings still rise up pretty often, but the music helps keeps the emotions at bay. Those were just 2 examples, but there are many more that help me daily. There’s music for anything you can think of, if you’re going through a rough patch just find a few songs that relate and just put in your headphones and drown out the world for a little bit every day and you’ll start to feel better.

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